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A hardback version of “Child Convicts” was published in the United States in 2015. Australian-Federation-Notable

Child Convicts

Child Convicts by Net BrennanAt the age of seven, children in eighteenth century Britain were tried in court like adults. Some, as young as nine, were transported to the colonies.

Their names may not be familiar, but one of these child convicts would become the first person hanged in Australia, another would be celebrated on our twenty-dollar note and a third would count a future prime minister as a descendant.

Their story is one of survival.

Their story is one of nation-building.

Their story is the story of Australia.

“A great deal of Australian history from the convict era and the discovery of Australia is portrayed in this title. But it’s the heartbreaking tales about children, especially those from poor families, that are the most moving.”

Anastasia Gonis, Buzz Words.

“Everything in Child Convicts is in stark contrast to life in Australia today, and it will provide a useful resource for children studying Australian history.”

Susan Whelan, Kids’ Book Review.

  • “Child Convicts” is available from online booksellers and at all good book stores. RRP $17.95
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